Energy Efficiency Certification in Italy

Energy Performance Certificate in Italy

Since 2013 in Italy there is the obligation of the Energy Performance Certificate (in Italian APE – Attestato di Prestazione Energetica), that is a document that describes the energy characteristics of a property, and it is attached to the deeds of purchase or rental of a property.

It indicates the energy efficiency level of the buildings, on a scale from A4 (the highest class) to G (the lowest class), according to different parameters such as thermal insulation, the location of the property and the presence of all those systems that guarantee comfort and healthiness in domestic environments.

The certification must be issued by a technician authorized (engineers, surveyors or architects), whose training and professional accreditation are managed by the Regions according to when established by current national law.

To draw up the Energy Performance Certificate, is necessary an inspection of the property to evaluate its structural characteristics such as: the quality of the fixtures, the energy efficiency linked to consumption and to the heating and hot water production systems, any renewable energy production systems.
After a careful evaluation, the technician draws up the appropriate form and releases the energy plate, with the energy description of the property.

The release price can fluctuate from a minimum of 60 € approx. to a maximum of 300 € approx., depending on the city, the size of the property and the technician who performs the inspection.

The certification is generally valid for 10 years from the date of issue, and must be updated in case of renovation works that modify the energy performance.

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